Things To Do In Las vegas

As if the endless hotel resorts and their super casinos weren’t enough to keep you entertained in Las Vegas theirs also a seemingly limitless supply of other great things to see and do in and around Las Vegas. From great free things to do like the Bellagio Fountains through to once in a lifetime attractions within a short drive of the Strip like the Zero G experience. Browse through our guides to the best things to do in Las Vegas below or for more inspiration read our full guide here.

Mount Charleston

Where: 35 miles northwest of Las Vegas

Opening times: Varies; call for details

Address: 4701 North Torrey Pines Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130-2301

Price: Free

Other attractions nearby: Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, Silverstone Golf Club, , Floyd Lamb State Park, Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort

Getting there: By car, north from Las Vegas on Highway 95.

Restrictions: None

Mount Charleston, also known as Charleston Peak, is the highest of the Spring Mountains and part of the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area. It is home to the famous Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort. Besides the ski resort, the area is popular among hikers and campers in summer.

The peak is over 11,000 feet in height, which means that it is cool even during the hot summer months and gets plenty of snow in the winter. There are a lot of hiking and walking trails that can be enjoyed, both during the summer and the winter months. The trails here are less crowded than those at the other parks and entrance is free. Amenities, such as picnic tables and camping grounds, are also available but are taken quickly during the peak summer months.

Visitors can enjoy the prisitine forest here, which is home to the Ponderosa pine and mahogany trees. Many local species of birds call this area their home, with the park popular among bird watchers. With over 52 miles of hiking trails, it is easy to beat the crowds, even in July and August.

The Nevada State Railroad Museum

Where: Carson City

Opening times: 08:30 to 16:30, Friday to Monday

Address: 2180 S. Carson Street, Carson City, NV 89701

Price: Adults $10; children under 18 free

Payment info: Cash or credit card

Other attractions nearby: Governor’s Field, Carson City Community Center, Casino Fandango

Getting there: By car, take US-395 to Carson City.

Restrictions: None

The Nevada State Railroad Museum is a fun day out for the whole family. The museum showcases Nevada’s railroad history and visitors can enjoy the 65 locomotives and numerous cars on display at the museum.

There are many activities to enjoy at the museum, including lectures, exhibits and special displays. The highlight of the visit is a ride on a real locomotive. For a fee, it is also possible to drive the locomotive. The museum has been experiencing financial difficulties and has increased the entrance fee, making it a little on the expensive side. If trains are not your thing, then there are plenty of other attractions to enjoy in Las Vegas.

The museum has a restoration programme, which sees the restoration of old locomotives and railroad cars. Some of these restored cars are showcased at the museum and in some cases, it is possible to see work in progress.

MaxFlight 2002 Virtual Roller Coaster


Where: 50 miles southwest of Las Vegas

Opening times: 12:15 to 21:45, Friday to Sunday

Address: 31900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Primm, NV 89019

Price: $5

Payment info: Cash or credit card

Other attractions nearby: Primm Valley Casino Resorts, Fashion Outlet of Las Vegas, Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino

Getting there: By car or taxi, 40 miles south of Las Vegas on the I-15, in Primm.

Restrictions: 48 inches or taller

One of the many rides at Buffalo Bill’s is the MaxFlight 2002 Virtual Roller Coaster. Although this is one of many attractions at this casino, it is rather dated. For almost the same amount of money, visitors can have more bang for their buck at Buffalo Bill’s other attractions – such as the Turbo Drop or the Adventur Canyon Log Flume.

Although Buffalo Bill’s tries its best to combines rides and attractions with gambling, it sorely needs a facelift. The Virtual Roller Coaster is a simulator ride, but the visuals are showing their age and teenagers will probably find the ride disappointing. Adults may have fun as the visuals may remind them of ’80s video games. A better simulator ride is the Vault.

Even though it is only a simulator, visitors should take care when exiting the ride. Riders have been known to lose their sense of balance.